Questioning basics

  Since I’m currently working (hard) at (trying to) writ(e)ing a book, I’ve bumped into that text I for long ha on my desktop, The New Art of Making Books, by Ulises Carrion. How ironic, right? Best is, I apparently read that text before, for I did highlight some sentences (you’ll see, I didn’t remove my notes). Phew! I wouldn’t recall any of that.

Why posting about this? Not to say I may face some early form of “Junior Alzheimer”; I wouldn’t joke about that. (And yet who knows if one’s truly sane/insane!) I just wish to share that extract about books, book writing, book “making”, which Carion wrote in 1975.

Text available here

It sounds ages ago and yet the text, to me at least, sounds so fresh. When reading it again, I can only but think of Paul Arden‘s line (and title of one of his books) “Whatever you think, think the opposite“.

So what do you think? Amis Frenchies, comment alors ne pas immédiatement songer à Desproges si… “la seule certitude que j’ai, c’est d’être dans le doute“..?

Bref, je retourne à mon travail et me demande…ce que j’écris!


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