editor – version française du livret de CD Transcriptions lyriques de la pianiste Alissa Zoubritski (à paraître Printemps 2020)

writer – English version of the biography of Soprano Sophie Boyer, 2016

writer-editor        – the Europa Diary 2009-2010
writer-editor        – GE Vibes
editor                  – pick of the week
writer-editor        – EUROPE DIRECT newsletter
project manager  – Visions of Europe
writer-editor        – the Sound of Europe

t h e    E u r o p a     D i a r y

  • diary for the 15 – 18 year-olds (mostly used by the A-level, Leaving Cert’, Abitur, Baccalauréat, etc. pupils)
  • 96 A5 pages of editorial content preceding the calendar pages of the Diary
  • daily communication with 14 Directorates General of the European Commission about the editorial content of 57 texts
  • print run of 3.3 million copies
  • management of the editorial team : writers, proofreaders, graphic designers, etc. while writing and proofreading myself
  • creation of the Style Guide for the Europa Diary

The Europa Diary this year available here.


GE Vibes - October 2008 G E    V i b e s
Creator of GE Vibes, the monthly newsletter for the Generation Europe Online Community (6,000 members) in English – magazine launched in March 2008

  • choice of the graphic design
  • conception : sections + editorial policy
  • launch in September 2008 of a page in another language than English in the EU Bubbles section. Each month, a young author is invited to cover a topic of his/her choice in his/her mother tongue. The English translation is available on the Generation Europe website.
  • writing of 80% of the articles, in English
  • permanent contact with the members of the GE Community, in particular with the GE Ambassadors


p i c k    o f    t h e    w e e k
Initiator of the section « Pick of the week » on the homepage of the Generation Europe Foundation website – launched in September 2008

  • daily review of the European press (in English, French and German min.)
  • posting online – every 2 or 3 days – of a selection of articles interesting to the 19-29 and calling for reflection, be it about European politics and policies, or on the spirit of enterprise
E U R O P E    D I R E C T n e w s l e t t e r
Monthly newsletter – in charge of the 3 language editions : DE – EN – FR
From January 2006 to November 2007
Within the framework of a service contract between the Development Office of the College of Europe and the Directorate General for Communication of the European Commission

  • conception : sections + editorial policy / advice to the Directorate General for Communication of the European Commission
  • creator of the EUROSCOPE section in 2007
  • writing of 90% of the articles, in English
  • in regular contact with the members of the EUROPE DIRECT Network : about 450 Relays and 380 European Documentation Centres, and Team Europe members


V i s i o n s     o f    E u r o p e
Project manager
October 2005 to November 2007
Manuscript edited by Prof. Bronislaw Geremek and Prof. Robert Picht
Published in French by the Editions Odile Jacob publishing house in September 2007
English edition yet to be published

  • organisation of conferences and public debates on various European topics: e.g. multicultural Europe, the question of European identity, social Europe, the reform of the EU Institutions, etc.
  • manager of the contractual relations with authors, translators and the publishing house
  • possible to order online



T h e     S o u n d    o f    E u r o p e
In charge of writing the verbatim and the conclusions of the opening conference of the Austrian Presidency of the EU “The Sound of Europe” (Salzburg, 27-28 January 2006)
September 2005 – March 2006

  • recruitment and management of a minutes takers team
  • management of minutes taking, recording of all conference proceedings during the two-day conference
  • drafting of the verbatim and of the conference conclusions
  • close cooperation with the Bundeskanzleramt in Vienna (the Federal Chancellery) and the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels

Volume I gives the verbatim and is registered under the ISBN no. 92-830-0611-9.
Volume II gives the conclusions of the Conference and is published as part of the EECS Special Reviews, catalogue no.: EESC – C-2006-05-EN.

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