A microcosm cut off from real life

3.10.2013 at 10, almost a year I have not posted anything on my blog. Yet also a year at least (or years) I have not had breakfast while reading the papers; and being in Paris now, it had to be my farourite IHT. The article is from last weekend (I do admit I grabbed the papers last Sunday in a fashionable hotel where I sometimes go for tea – one shall treat oneself once in a while, don’t you think? – and being in the midst of the Paris Fashion Week, the IHT was in a stylish Ralph Lauren ad folder – so you get why I simply had to have my copy!).

Back to the article / Krugman wrote a piece in reaction to what the rich of the rich dare say when faced to potential reductions of their wealth or privileges… While in the Brussels microcosm of policy-makers I often was telling friends and colleagues, “go back home! Keep in touch with what’s going on back home, keep an eye on what people at home go through!” Etc. Being in offices round the clock somehow cuts you off from real life. Yet here in Krugman’s article, we’re one stage further!

How could anyone compare having to pay extra tax or see a cut in golden parachutes to lynching (KKK) or Hitler?!

Persecuted plutocrats
Paul Krugman
IHT, 28-29 September 2013

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