Can you kill with music?

Life and death, the Eros and Thanatos, or what you choose to feel within the duality of music?
Arvo Pärt: “You can kill people with sound”.
I also very much like the idea which Björk chose to express as “a music which gives space to the listener”.

Björk interviews Arvo Pärt
for the BBC program ‘Modern Minimalists’ (1997).

2 thoughts on “Can you kill with music?

  1. Feyza Basar Reply

    He is a wonderful composer. Probably, one of the best of our times…I discovered his music in a beautiful old church in Florence, during the Florence Music Festival years ago and I will never ever forget that magical summer evening in my life. Then, last year, another magical summer evening, in another old beautiful church but this time in Istanbul, during Istanbul Music Festival, I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Adam’s Lament that he dedicated to Istanbul…

  2. Marie-Hélène Reply

    How nice to hear from you Feyza! And to share those feelings about music. Is it not during the Istanbul Music Festival that you met my friend Willem v H? Istanbul… my dream trip!
    Re Arvo Pärt, I sometimes have the feeling he’s not as well known as he should be… what do you think?

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