Would you like to add a musical touch to your wedding celebration?

For religious celebrations, Marie-Hélène is happy offer you to:

  • liturgical animation: MH can help you choose songs for the wedding celebration and/or is happy to stick to your wedding booklet.
  • soloist singing (with an organist or with the tenured organist of your church/temple)




Regarding solo pieces, Marie-Hélène is happy to sing whatever piece you choose.

Otherwise, here is a list of a few soprano solo pieces calling for contemplation while in line with the joy of such ceremony.


Songs to Mary:

  • Ave Maria (Schubert)
  • Ave Maria (Gounod after the 1st Bach prelude)
  • Ave Maria (Caccini) – mp3
  • Ave Maria (Franck)
  • Tu virginum coronna (extr. from Mozart’s Exultate Jubilate)

Other pieces:

  • Panis angelicus (Franck) – mp3
  • Laudamus te (extr. from Vivaldi’s Gloria)
  • Domine deus (extr. from Vivaldi’s Gloria)
  • Agnus dei (extr. from Mozart’s Coronnation Mass) – mp3
  • Bist Du bei mir (Bach choral)

For non-religious celebrations, Marie-Hélène will be pleased to offer you a choice of other pieces.

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  1. Bonjour Marie-Hélène,
    Un petit coucou de Roffiac en attendant de te revoir…j’espère venir à ton concert au Rex .Je t’embrasse,Flo.


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