Love me, love me, say that you love me…

Post by Denis Carré, pretty interesting on the Web 2.0. influence on courtship!

Good wrap up Denis!
Actually our generation is pretty stuck in both a post-1960s and post-postmodernist context. The apprehension and concept of time has changed with our generation. We live longer, we project anything we do on the long term, and therefore we’re scared to fail – especially in the old western EU paradigm which forbids failure instead of considering it as a learning step. The peace & love era, as well as the sea, sex & sun age are long gone. And with pressure on our shoulders, our generation is so freaked out to let go & fail that it’s somewhat easier to succeed with one’s professional career than with one’s personal life, and thus relationship. Hence many of us have focused on their professional success and find themselves home alone late at night, sometimes venturing on virtual social networks online! At the dawn of the 21st century, it seems our best pal is our laptop!

Just a few thoughts anyway. “my two cents”, for what it’s worth.

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