Et voilà… tout ça pour ça…

Belgium Prime Minister Picked as European President
by Stephen Castle
International Herald Tribune, 19 November 2009

Ce soir, je me sens si triste. Terriblement triste. Not that i’m against Mr Van Rompuy. I’m just sad that the EU is not ready to assume its political role and name a big figure of the international stage.

“After an eight-year battle to rewrite its internal rules, the choice of two relative unknowns seemed to highlight Europe’s problems instead of its readiness to take a more united and forceful place in world affairs.”

See Jean Quatremer’s piece on his blog (see on the right). Jean’s even quoted at theend of this  IHT piece  😉 Oui, Jean, ‘habemus papam’…

2 thoughts on “Et voilà… tout ça pour ça…

  1. Denis Reply

    I agree with you that viewpoint.
    Quatremer’s statement summarizes it quite well.
    However, I will give the benefit of the doubt and I am now certainly anxious to see results.
    We urgently need a proactive council to strengthen Europe at all fronts. Will Van Rompuy be the man-for-the-job?… I have my reserve on this, but let’s see…

    • Marie-Hélène Reply

      I guess I was just shocked to see those two figures put forward, and particularly sad to see that EU national leaders still do not want a well-known character at key EU jobs in the fear they’d be less in the limelight. Now a couple of weeks later, i’m slightly more moderate and I can see the reasons behind those choices. Ashton and Van Rompuy are good negotiators and what is the EU if not an eternal negotiated compromise?
      Let’s see though if they get a voice on the global stage.

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