Do we, witty 30-year-old ladies, scare men?

Les filles, avons-nous la tête trop bien faite pour espérer trouver un homme, un vrai?

It’s Katrin Bennhold’s turn this week to be translated in French in the Figaro’s selection of NYT articles. What a team at the IHT in Paris, right?! THE IMPORTANT THING IS; there are more and more reports attesting that our generation of young ladies, who’ve worked hard for successful careers, are bound to remain single. So unfair, and yet so true! (so it seems anyway.)

Read the article in EN here:
Keeping Romance Alive at the Age of Female Empowerment Katrin Bennhold, IHT, 30 November 2010

Pour vous, amis Frenchies, voici l’article en FR scanné!
Le Prix d’une Carrière au Féminin part 1part 2

=> Oli, thanks for your comment on FB: “There’s some stuff that’s just straight-up twisted.”

so true… and so s(b)ad…

4 thoughts on “Do we, witty 30-year-old ladies, scare men?

  1. Bjørn Reply

    You are touching on an interesting subject, a relatively recent sociological phenomenon, which has occupied my reflections for years.

    Personally, I find intelligence in women — and I’m talking both knowledge and emotional intelligence here, as well as creativity — highly attractive. The more intelligent, the more attractive, with no upper limits.

    Looking around me, it does seem that this makes me belong to a minority. That is actually good news, as a man. For it turns out the supply is higher than the demand.

    Society has not moved as fast as the female revolution. It is still too few decades ago for the overall male identity to adapt, get used to, or in many cultures even accept this change, after millenia of male rule.

    I guess it is the price for change, a price for progress and improvement, that women have to pay. For a few more decades at least, if we’re talking the ‘Western’ World.

    (If anyone takes my comments as macho in any way, I have not expressed myself properly. So do comment, I won’t apologise but explain further instead.)

    • Marie-Hélène Reply

      Indeed Bjorn!
      sorry I reply this late but time scales do seem different indeed (!) I agree fully to your view. Recently I discovered – and could not believe – that it was as recent as 1964 that – in France at least – women could legally open a bank account in their own name. Barely a generation ago!
      I’m curious about how the “east turn” towards Asia will impact on this…
      thanks for commenting

  2. Sébastien Reply

    et elles ne peuvent travailler sans demander l’accord à leur mari que depuis 1963…. 😉

    • Marie-Hélène Reply

      vraiment? mon Dieu… j’arrive à peine à m’imaginer dans une telle position; et surtout à m’imaginer que ça ne fait même pas un demi-siècle…

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