Are we all social animals?

Long time no hear, right? It’s been a while indeed since I regularly pinpointed articles I found had some flavour. I guess it took me a while to adapt to the non-Brussels, non-EU focused, non-political life. Yet habits are resistant. Can one really stop thinking about the way the world’s going? It’d give us such a good rest though! Yet personally I fail overlooking a few things.
So today I’m with you and wish to pinpoint that book of David Brooks’, The Social Animal.

Sure you already heard of it; but have you read it?Ok, it’s a good 500 pages (and it looks huge, especially when like me, the book stays out at night in the garden and undergoes a massive thunder storm, which makes the poor wet book now look like a 1,000 page Bible!) But what a delight! Or rather some savoury “delicatessen”.

If you’ve been running the corridors of international institutions, political circles, receptions, you name it… you may recognise quite a few familiar stories and patterns, acquaintances, friends, yourself? Get in the back seat and enjoy the reading.

  • Video (TED Talk) about The Social Animal by the author David Brook himself here.
  • Reviews about The Social Animal, A Story of How Success Happens(David Brooks, 2011)
    • in The Guardian here,
    • in the NY Times here,
    • and in The New Yorker here.

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